Jimdo met with us for a Q&A!

Why Jimdo loves our story

Andy and Young Kim immigrated to the United States from South Korea with two young kids in pursuit of the American Dream. After a lot of hard work and facing several obstacles, they created a successful dry cleaning service and laundromat in Portland, Oregon. They’ve now been in business for over thirty years. The business is family-run and everyone does their part to keep it thriving.

Why we love their website

The Artistic Dry Cleaners website uses the Zurich template and follows a lot of the advice we are constantly sharing on our blog. Here are just a few things the site does successfully:

Awesome logo: the website has a simple, versatile, and appropriate logo.

Good use of icons: The site does a great job of using icons to demonstrate the various services of the business. The icons are modern, easy to decipher, and match the look of the rest of the site.

Organized structure: The homepage of the site follows a simple and organized structure, which makes it easy for visitors to digest and immediately find the most important information.

To read the rest of the article, go here: http://blog.jimdo.com/qa-with-jimdo-customer-artistic-dry-cleaners/

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Artistic Dry Cleaners & Laundromat

7460 Southeast 82nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97266 • (503) 771-4810

Locally & Family Owned Since 1986